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Tesla axed from the S&P 500 ESG index

Tesla has been booted from the S&P 500 ESG index due to its low S&P Dow Jones Indices (DJI) ESG score.

Barclays increases stake in Barrenjoey

Barclays has almost doubled its interest in Barrenjoey, providing additional capital to assist with the creation of fixed income derivatives and equity financing platforms.

Investors seek inflationary refuge in diversification strategies

A bfinance quarterly Manager Intelligence and Market Trends report has shown that investors have sought enhanced sources of real return to combat rising inflation.

Investment Leadership Awards finalists revealed

The finalists for the annual Financial Standard Investment Leadership Awards have been determined, with investment strategies from the likes of Alphinity Investment Management, Hyperion Asset Management, Lincoln Indicators and Pendal Group getting a nod.

Latest White Papers

Good governance is gold

CHRIS WEST   When the term 'governance' is mentioned, the first reaction is normally one that brings up the dread of another set of overburdensome compliance obligations. However, governance and compliance are very different things. Good investment governance at its core is about how to make good investment decisions.

Royal Commission recommendations and managed discretionary accounts

SAMANTHA CARROLL   The managed account services industry was given much to ponder by Commissioner Hayne in the final report. The major talking point for the industry is undoubtedly the fact that the vertical integration model was left untouched.

The rise of alternative yield in modern portfolios

IAIN NORTH, CHRIS MCAVOY   Alternative yield investing has been a growing sector of importance for both institutional and private global investors as global central banks have kept interest rates at ultra-low levels to combat economic downturns and to stimulate growth since 2008.

Platform alpha and the cost of delay

HUB24 PTY LTD   HUB24 has developed this paper to illustrate how great advice together with innovative platform capabilities can be leveraged by advisers to deliver enhanced client outcomes which can make a considerable difference to a client's portfolio over time.

Delivering platform Alpha

HUB24 PTY LTD   Financial advisers currently face a challenging environment, with interest rates at historic lows, significant market volatility and increasing regulatory pressure to satisfy clients best interests.

Supporting client outcomes during market volatility

BRETT MENNIE   The rapid change in investment markets and economic conditions since March 2020 has tested the ability of financial advice business models to manage and support client outcomes effectively and in a timely manner during times of extreme market volatility.

IMAs and SMAs meet the demands of SMSF trustees for direct international equities portfolios

HUGH MACNALLY   Individually managed accounts (IMAs) and separately managed accounts (SMAs) enable trustees of SMSFs to access direct international and domestic equity portfolios with greater control and transparency compared to the traditional managed fund options, however the differences between and benefits of IMAs ...

Tailored SMSF and managed account solutions

MULTIPORT PTY LTD   Multiport is a leading provider of self-managed super and managed account administration, reporting and compliance services. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service for a transparent and competitive fee.

A tale of three countries

PHILIP PARKER   Are you a history buff? Here is a rundown of how managed accounts evolved in the US and the UK - and how the sector is developing locally.

Managed discretionary accounts in 2021

ASSURED SUPPORT   This paper reproduces a Q&A session conducted by Assured Support between its managing director, Sean Graham, and Peter Turbach, partner at MDA Guru. It captures these two leading industry practitioners' respective views on the present state of managed discretionary accounts (MDAs).

Ten managed account questions answered

SEAN GRAHAM   Peter Turbach from MDA Guru, shares his domain expertise and addresses 10 key questions.

Delivering exceptional client experience with managed accounts

MICHELLE KRIG   The role of financial advisers is undergoing a profound shift, from technical specialist to relationship-driven coach covering broader strategic advice. To make this transition at scale successfully, advisers need a robust suite of digital tools-with managed accounts an increasingly important part of ...

Transforming financial advice businesses for sustained success

MATTHEW WALKER   The adoption of managed accounts has been proliferating in Australia as they fill the need for advisers to deliver professional investment services more efficiently and allow them to concentrate on being a strategic adviser.

Two roads to a single destination

TOBY POTTER   The amount invested through managed accounts is growing strongly but as a method of investing, managed accounts are still not well understood. The differences between types of managed accounts are often blurred and this is compounded by a prolific use of jargon.

Managed accounts: Boldly go where no one has gone before

ADAM ROWLEY   Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Survive the squeeze

KEN BLOOMFIELD   A managed account can minimise the "value leakage" for the client and allow financial advisers to assume a greater role in portfolio management in the long term.