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There's a lot at stake as the managed accounts industry moves into a year of consolidation and reforms post-Royal Commission. Here are five new developments that could reshape the industry in 2019. Read more
There are five areas of improvement that financial advisers who offer managed accounts should be watching closely in 2019. Most, if not all, managed accounts providers are probably eager to see the end ... Read more
There is nothing more brutal than receiving bad news on the eve of a long weekend. Worse, they were sent by email. The sudden shutdown of Dover Financial Group was still - by industry standards - a dramatic ... Read more
In property, it's all about location. In managed accounts, it's all about conviction. High conviction, to be more precise. Our top story on Financial Standard yesterday was about a start-up super ... Read more
How do you look after investors in a world where superintelligence becomes the norm? Machine learning and managed accounts. With most discussions still revolving around the barriers to offering global ... Read more
From Amazon to the Royal Commission, time is running out for the industry's resident slackers, pretenders and Flat Earthers. You know it's true. For every financial planning business out there that is ... Read more
When I reflect on where the financial advice industry is heading, I can't help but recall the speech given by Greg Whitwell, dean of the University of Sydney Business School, at the annual Alumni Dinner ... Read more
There's a very important cohort of investors who are, for now, relatively silent in the managed accounts debate. This is a big shame given they've got the most to learn - and gain - from the managed accounts ... Read more
I asked a financial adviser a few weeks ago what compels him to use managed accounts, given it's not the most popular choice among his peers. He said it took a recession a couple of decades ago for him ... Read more