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So, Vanguard is launching a retail super fund. Again. Frenzied super commentators connvinced this new super fund is going to sweep all before it need to calm down and read some history. Early last year ... Read more
It's time for super fund group insurers to start panicking. The government, and hence the financial regulators whose job it is to enforce the laws and regulations they decree, no longer sees insurance ... Read more
It's time to dispel some of the mythology around financial illiteracy, disengaged fund members and how consumers are supposedly incapable of digesting complex information and making smart decisions. Read more
The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. And people sure like talking about Future Super. It's been the target of full-frontal assaults in the business and investment ... Read more
Lifecycle super started with so much promise and such a compelling value proposition. When you're young you have plenty of time up your sleeve and can afford to take investment risks to reap long-run ... Read more
A former Commonwealth minister for superannuation once told me that you can tell a lot about an industry by the things it complains about. Industry representatives have as much right as everyone else ... Read more
"Dedicated to the workers of Australia." So begins Senator Andrew Bragg's latest book 'How to fix super: Bad Egg', a 120-page monograph, launched just a few weeks ago in June, that ... Read more
Climate emergency. Bushfire crisis. Whatever buzz word a superannuation fiduciary wants to use to galvanise their trustee board into 'climate action', they need to calm down, slow down. It is not their ... Read more
Super funds are run by trustees. They are the fiduciaries, they are who the regulators come for when something goes wrong. Executives don't run funds, they work for the fund chief executive who is appointed ... Read more
Here we go again. The Future Fund releases its annual performance results and a swooning media is infatuated. First some background. The Future Fund was set up in 2006 by the Howard government as a sovereign ... Read more