Andrew Tracy
When do managed accounts make sense for SMSFs
  |  In Investment Strategy
Australia's wealth management sector faces disruptive changes on a number of fronts. Investors have become more educated and are more aware of key issues such as portfolio transparency and tax ... Read more
Reece Birtles
Australian Equity, the destination in your global search for yield
  |  In White Papers & Case Studies
The search for stable, predictable returns in the post-global financial crisis world has led many investors to re-evaluate how and where they find income. In this global quest for yield, there are ... Read more

Leonard Gennusa
Freedom to grow
  |  In Cover Story
In an interview with Financial Standard, financial advisers Leonard Gennusa and Alisa Honeyman from Fitzpatricks Private Wealth explain how managed accounts play the dual role of helping them look ... Read more

Thomas Bignill
Distinguishing risks between managed funds and direct ownership
  |  In White Papers & Case Studies
The increasing popularity of direct ownership structures that have been adopted by a growing number of the Adviser community via managed account platforms has opened the door for many investors to ... Read more

Andrew Alcock
International managed portfolios: A gateway for SMSFs to invest overseas
  |  In White Papers & Case Studies
In Australia, for a variety of reasons, self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) have traditionally avoided investing directly in overseas equities. This white paper examines why and how next ... Read more

Alex Haynes
The rise of global managed accounts
  |  In White Papers & Case Studies
At Peters MacGregor we have been running Global Managed Accounts (GMAs) for our clients for the past 16 years. But only now does it seem their benefits are becoming more widely understood in ... Read more

Case study: Going beyond product - portfolio solutions using managed accounts
  |  In White Papers & Case Studies
A new approach to portfolio management In 1994, Neal Dunne was starting his career as an adviser in a world that was pretty much dominated by the insurance industry. Fifteen years later, in January ... Read more

Santi Burridge
The false dichotomy
  |  In White Papers & Case Studies
Much of the discourse surrounding managed accounts in Australia tends to be dominated by assessment of the comparative benefits and features of separately managed accounts (SMAs) and individually ... Read more

Adam Rowley
Performance shouldn't be administratively prohibited
  |  In White Papers & Case Studies
Navigating your way through all the acronyms - MDA, IMA, SMA and Managed Account - in an effort to deliver alpha for your clients. Read more

Simon Russell
Does behavioural finance apply to sophisticated investors too?
  |  In White Papers & Case Studies
When we think about investors' behavioural biases we might think of mum and dad investors panicking and selling following sharp market falls, only to miss out on the subsequent rebound. Or worse ... Read more

David Heather
Discretion: The X-factor that separated great practices from good practices
  |  In White Papers & Case Studies
Managed accounts are increasingly considered a mainstream investment management solution and many managed account solutions are made available using a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) ... Read more
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Macquarie Infrastructure buys rail business
21 October 2016, 12:54pm
Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets is acquiring a 49% stake in Glencore Rail as part of a co-investment with Genesee & Wyoming Australia. Read more
Instos should reconsider hedging strategies: PIMCO
21 October 2016, 12:35pm
Institutional investors with globally diversified portfolios should consider making their currency hedging decisions at the portfolio level on a currency-by-currency basis if they wish to truly mitigate ... Read more
VanEck ETFs receive Zenith rating
21 October 2016, 12:16pm
Two VanEck smart beta ETFs have received a 'Recommended' rating from Zenith. Read more
Economic Wrap
21 October 2016, 10:49am
ECB keeps policy unchanged; Australian employment decline; US existing home sales increase; UK retail sales flat but still record best quarter since December 2014. Read more
Tobacco and super funds must split
20 October 2016, 12:56pm
Institutional investors need to do more to combat investment in tobacco, with around $10 billion still invested via superannuation alone. Read more
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