Andrew Tracy
When do managed accounts make sense for SMSFs
Australia's wealth management sector faces disruptive changes on a number of fronts. Investors have become more educated and are more aware of key issues such as portfolio transparency and tax ... Read more

Michelle Baltazar
What's in a name?
  |  In Blogs
The basic tenets of managed accounts haven't really changed much in recent years, but its appeal to financial advisers has. I remember writing my first feature article on managed accounts back in ... Read more

Peter Bell
Smart beta - compelling or shade of grey?
'Smart Beta' is one of the real buzz words in markets right now. Peter Bell provides an overview of this rapidly growing area, and explains why Smart Beta and Managed Accounts work so ... Read more

Brooks Friederich
A new frontier of managed accounts
A series of financial crises over the last dozen years have forced many investors to reassess their investment choices and their tolerance for risk. There are new factors to consider: Financial ... Read more

Simon Russell
Managed accounts in a behavioural world
Often the most important factor in getting the best investment outcome relates as much to the people making the investment decisions as to the investments themselves. For example, a fund can perform ... Read more

Andrew Alcock
Are we there yet?
Australia has been slow to embrace managed accounts despite their roaring success overseas. This white paper explains why and how financial realities since the GFC could change that. Gaining access ... Read more

Paul Crowne
Time to advice
From modest beginnings with no precedent to rely on, Paul Crowne, principal adviser at Centric Wealth, is today one of the leading proponents of managed accounts in a business that looks after $5 ... Read more

Tony McDonald
The good life - adding value to a practice through managed accounts
At a time when advisers are looking for ways to grow their practice, Tony McDonald walks through a scenario where managed accounts can drive tangible and sustainable earnings. Managed accounts come ... Read more

Kenneth Bloomfield
Survive the squeeze
A managed account can minimise the "value leakage" for the client and allow financial advisers to assume a greater role in portfolio management in the long term. While there's no ... Read more

Philip Parker
Stop the value leakage: advice options to improve client returns
A managed account can minimise the "value leakage" for the client and allow financial advisers to assume a greater role in portfolio management in the long term. When I first started managing ... Read more

Michael Elsworth
Rating separately managed accounts
This month, Lonsec Research debuts its comprehensive research on five key SMA operators. Michael Elsworth explains the methodology. Lonsec SMA Platform Rating and our review assesses an SMA ... Read more

Craig Swanger
My world, my bond
Australian investors have less than 1% allocated to corporate bonds directly, a small proportion compared to allocations in every other major developed market. Craig Swanger gives five reasons why ... Read more

Michael Heine
Investment selection and portfolio rebalancing under managed accounts
The benefits of managed accounts become even more evident when advisers need to combine multiple models, which in turn need to be rebalanced regularly, writes Michael Heine. The financial services ... Read more

David Orazio
Age of convergence
Lines are blurring between platforms, managed accounts and managed funds. David Orazio explains how this trend benefits financial advisers and their clients. While managed accounts have for ... Read more

Philip Parker
A tale of three countries
Are you a history buff? Here is a rundown of how managed accounts evolved in the US and the UK - and how the sector is developing locally. US The history of the US financial advice industry was ... Read more
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ClearView earnings reflect business growth
24 August 2016, 1:40pm
ClearView has reported a surge in earnings during its transition from the "build phase to growth phase". Read more
Global infrastructure outperforming equities and property
24 August 2016, 12:39pm
Investment manager Maple-Brown Abbott says there's a clear benefit for investors in separating the investment decision between property and infrastructure in a portfolio. Read more
AXA IM smart beta fund receives ESG accolades
24 August 2016, 11:55am
AXA Investment Managers' ACWI SmartBeta Equity Fund has received multiple responsible investment ratings. Read more
Economic Wrap
24 August 2016, 8:16am
Mixed readings from the latest PMI surveys for the US, the Eurozone and Japan; China business sentiment falls. Read more
Henderson launches emerging markets fund in Australia
23 August 2016, 12:07pm
Henderson has launched its Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund in the Australian market. Read more
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